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Timeline repeat and stop

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Hi community! 


I am designer so my coding skills are not really good and as Flash is officially dead I still want to continue with banner projects. 

And now I have a question what is the best way to repeat banner 1 time and then stop it in some certain timeline position. Lets say I have google banners with maximum 30sec animation time. My one cycle is 14 seconds. Frames 1 2 3 4 5 and now I want that it plays like 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 (stop). I use TimelineMax delay:0, repeat:1, repeatDelay:2 but in this case it will end in 5th frame. I know that I could easily copy my timeline animation again and do it like this but it seems wrong. + If I need to adjust something later it requires much more work. 


Another question what I have how do you do banners for full google display. 14 different sizes. 

I try to use Google or web safe fonts. As much as possible images as .svg so I don't have to save them again. 

But my problem is that if I position all text and images as absolute and from top:xx px, left xx px - I have to change all this in css file + later js file for every size. Would less or sass be an answer to this question? 

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Awesome exactly what I was thinking many thanks. I didn't think it out myself. tried a solution with 3 timelines and if else functions but it didn't play out and went double code this time.

Just one question. I know that there were some problems with flash when some mc was left to timeline but outside of stage and that mc was looping. 

Is this pause() function on safe side to stop animation. I didn't find stop though from documentation so I believe it is. 

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Thank you both.

I should have find that last posted topic but well now it looks like that I know how to make it in a correct way. 


Seems that hand coding is better choice then Edge, GWD, Bannersnack or any other GUI but still there is a hope that some day there is something like flash with masks, nested mc-s, gui timeline and good compression. Until that I just need to tune my workflow faster so if you have written or you know some good blog posts about hand coding and html5 please post :)


And do we have topic where people post their works? I am sure that most of the things clients don't really want to be posted but would be nice to have this kind of topic. 

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