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Rotation Periodically Stops Working

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I have this issue being reported by my client. I'm not able to repro it myself, but evidently it's one of those "only happens once in a while for no particular reason" thing.


Client states that if you put multiple objects on the transform manager board, and rotate them again and again (10 times or so), eventually they seem to lose their ability to rotate.


If you've ever heard anything like that, please let me know. I'll attempt to get more specifics and isolate the issue if I can, but if you've got any preliminary thoughts, please post 'em here.

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Hm. Never heard of that before. Can't imagine why it would happen either. If you can send me a file that reproduces the problem or instructions as to how to make it happen, it'd be great. Otherwise I suspect it's something else in the app. I know you said you couldn't reproduce it either, so that may leave us both scratching our heads. :(

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The client has been working heard on repro steps for this, and has narrowed it down to, "if you put an object on the board, and rotate it34x clockwise (so start rotating, never release the mouse, and rotate the object again and again), it will eventually stop rotating, and you won't be able to rotate anything else."


I've tried it, and it seems he's right; if you just keep rotating an object over, and over, and over, 20+ times, sooner or later it will stop rotating.


I haven't set up a test for isolation yet, but figured I'd forward on the additional data.

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I've rotated an object over 100 times in a row (without releasing the mouse) and cannot for the life of me get it to break. And nobody else has reported anything like that, so I'm wondering if maybe there's something else going on in your code? If you could send me an example, it would definitely help with the troubleshooting.

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