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drawsvgplugin change starting point?

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hey wondering if there is a simple way to adjust where an enclosed path is drawing from, using this plugin. i'm assuming its starting from the beginning point of the path, but when output from illustrator or such, we dont always have control on where on the object is going to be defined as the beginning or end of a path. so for instance if i have a polygon and out of the box the outline draws in starting at 12 o'clock and fills in until its enclosed, what if i wanted the line to beign at 3 o'clock or something else? thank you.

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You have control over the start/end of the stroke, yes, but I think you may be talking about something else. If, for example, you want to animate starting from 30% into the path, and fill it in all the way to 100% and then "continue" (wrap) from 0% to 30%, no, that isn't possible because technically that'd be like 2 strokes/dashes. The best way to get that effect is to simply change your path so that it starts exactly where you want it to start (in your example, 3 o'clock). 

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