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onComplete not fire

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Hi all,
I have a banner which is put in a website.
If I put it in header(visible view of website) -> work perfect.
If I put it in a footer and we don't see it at the first time. When I scroll
down, banner don't play like the way I want. 
I have a movieclip named "book", it's have two "stop();" inside.
It seem "onComplete" just fired once when banner is in invisible view of website.
Is this a bug of TweenLite or I do someting wrong?
Thank you for your help.
function playIt(evt:Event=null){
function anim(){
TweenNano.to(txt1, 1, { alpha:1, delay:.1 });
TweenNano.to(txt2, 1, { alpha:1, delay:1 });

TweenNano.to(book, 1, { x:152, y:167, rotation:16, delay:3, onComplete:playIt});

TweenNano.to([txt1,txt2], 1, { alpha:0, delay:10 , onComplete:playIt});

TweenNano.to(txt3, 1, { alpha:1, delay:10 });
TweenNano.to(txt4, 1, { alpha:1, delay:11 });


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


I haven't ever heard of a flash movie not playing based on where it is on an html page.

I really can't tell anything from the code you provided other than you aren't showing that where the  anim() function is actually called to run.


Have you tested multiple browsers? which browsers display this behavior?


It would really help if you could provide a super simple fla and HTML page that clearly illustrates this behavior.

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