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Video - use cached version

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I have a situation where I need to play a video from a URL - sometimes that URL will work fine (most of the time...) but sometimes there could be a loss of connectivity. In the case where there's a connection problem, I want to play the last video that was loaded successfully. Is this something LoaderMax will handle already or do I need to implement it myself? 

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


The only convenience that is built into the API for this scenario is that you can specify an alternateURL for each VideoLoader


  • alternateURL : String - If you define an alternateURL, the loader will initially try to load from its original url and if it fails, it will automatically (and permanently) change the loader's url to the alternateURL and try again. Think of it as a fallback or backup url. It is perfectly acceptable to use the same alternateURL for multiple loaders (maybe a default image for various ImageLoaders for example).



If you want to default to the last video that you loaded, then you would have to use some custom code when you detect the load failure.

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Can the alternateURL point to a local file?

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Most likely no, unless your swf and html file are both running locally and you know the path from your html page to the video. 

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