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Draggable locked in diagonal movement only

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I was wondering how could I limit a draggable movement only diagonally towards top-left and bottom-right.


Thanks guys!

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Hi Michael,
Not sure how practical that will be to implement. You could rotate the bounds by 45 and then rotate the draggable's target by -45 like this:
Does that work?

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Hey Carl I see what you mean, the codepen example doesn't work though, it throws the Codepen 404 equivalent.

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Thank you, yes that is what I was looking for, sometimes we have to think out of the box right?

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This is in another way to do it:


Hi Cirox,
You can constrain the shape by doing a little math...

var offset = this.x * Math.tan(45 * Math.PI / 180);
TweenLite.set(drag, { width: this.x, height: offset });
TweenLite.set(handle, { top: offset });

But an even easier approach would be to do it as a ratio. 45 degrees would be 1:1, so just set the height and width equal to each other.
TweenLite.set(drag, { width: this.x, height: this.x });
TweenLite.set(handle, { top: this.x });

CodePen URL: 

See the Pen emWwzb?editors=001 by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


Thanks OSUblake

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