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Bug: <br> turns into {{LT}}br> when using splittext

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I don't actually need this functionality but since it's clearly a bug I thought it's worth reporting.


Having a '<br>' string when using splittext chars animations, will turn it into '{{LT}}br>'.


See the Pen wFkbL by patrickklug (@patrickklug) on CodePen

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Hello pakl,


This doesn't look like it is a GSAP bug.. In the SplitText Docs it states:

- SplitText only recognizes raw text and <br> tags, not child elements like <strong> or <em> elements.


Looks like you are not using a real break tag <br> .. but using the HTML entity for greater than, less than sign and wrapping it around br .. <br> .. When you do that it is not a real HTML <br> tag. When you write greater or less than as HTML entities, than they will not be treated as a <br> HTML tag within an HTML document.


Is there any reason why you are not just writing the break tag like <br> instead of using a HTML entity?


Why not use the HTML break tag <br> instead of the HTML entity for greater than and less than sign with br?


You can see split text work with a real <br> tag:

See the Pen amvAy by jonathan (@jonathan) on CodePen



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My point is that this isn't a br tag. it should just be considered ordinary plain text and thus should display as <br>. Instead, it displays as {{LT}}br>

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