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Loadermax using MP4 Windows Handles increase

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We are using Loadermax to display MP4 in a digital signage application. Actually it seems that we have a memory or handles leak. The numbers of handle keep growing when we use mp4 file. It grows around 150 handles by hour.



Here is a part of our code:


This variable is global.

public var vidLoader:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax( { name:"vidLoader", autoLoad:true, onComplete:videoLoaded } );



When we need to load a MP4 file.

vidLoader.append(new VideoLoader(filePath, { name:'media', container:this, width:theWorkSpace.width, height:theWorkSpace.height, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", smoothing:true } ) );


When the file finish:

vidLoader.empty(true, true);


And redo the load when we need to play a new file.



Is someone has an idea if we do something wrong ?




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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Memory issues like the one you describe are very difficult to troubleshoot blind.

From your partial code it looks like you are cleaning things up well and there shouldn't be a problem.


However, you say that when the video is done playing you load another file. How do you know when the video is done? 

I assume you are using eventListeners of some type to respond to the video finishing. It is very important that you remove those listeners.

Again, its one of the things that makes trouble shooting "partial code" very difficult.


We have had LoaderMax tested extensively for memory leaks and there are no issues that we know of, but of course there is always the chance something needs fixing or maybe a new version of Flash Player has introduced new "challenges"  ;)


I would recommend the following


Create a small test without LoaderMax. This helps detect if there truly is a bug in LoaderMax or something native in Flash Player. For the most part LoaderMax / VideoLoader just provide hooks to native AS3 methods. If there is something wrong natively, there isn't too much we can do.


If you still have reason to believe its a LoaderMax bug, please create a very simple, reduced test case that we can test. Its important that you include all files needed to compile, and just enough code / assets to replicate the problem. We don't need to see your production code.


Thank you.

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