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Multiple SWF loader via buttons

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Hello there,

I would really like some guidance on the best approach for loading multiple SWFs via an array of buttons ie. each button loads a different SWF url. Should I use a Loadermax parse?, if so, how exactly should I go about it?

Any example code would be greatly appreciated.


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Its difficult to know what the best way would be without knowing more about your project.

The basic mechanics of what you need are fairly straight-forward. The example below requires that you have an Array of btns and an Array of urls for each swf.

Hopefully the comments suffice:


import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.loading.*;
import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent;
import flash.events.MouseEvent;

//this is an array of buttons
var btnsArray:Array = [btn0, btn1];

//this is an array of urls of swfs to load
var swfsArray:Array = ["swf1.swf", "swf2.swf"];

function createSWFLoaders() {
for (var i:int = 0; i<swfsArray.length; i++) {
//create a SWFLoader for each button
//the url of swf to load is swfsArray[i]
btnsArray[i].SWFLoader = new SWFLoader(swfsArray[i], {container:this, onComplete:showSwf});
//tell each button to call loadSwf when clicked
btnsArray[i].addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadSwf);

function loadSwf(e:MouseEvent): void {
 //load the swf based on the button that was clicked

function showSwf(e:LoaderEvent) {
   //this simply brings the most recent swf to the top of the display list


CS6 source attached (use your copy of greensock files)




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This is great, thanks a lot Carl. I just needed a basic example to build on, and this should fit the bill nicely.


Also, I just wanted to say that you guys are doing are terrific job and are always so very helpful.




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